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It was hard to take your eyes off Travon Jones during his stellar high school and college football career. Often the smallest player on the field, he moved in a way wholly different from everyone else. Speed, abrupt shifts of body, uncommon balance and toughness, he accounted for multiple individual accolades at Sacramento State during his time as a player. He did this after being named the “Offensive Player of the Decade” at Bullard High School in Fresno.


“Training is a mindset. We’re not only developing an athletic body, but we’re developing an athletic mind.”      


-Travon Jones, Founder of T1 Sports Academy


Who We Are: T1 Sports Academy is unlike any other athletic training program in Central California. We offer state-of-the-art strength, speed, core, diet and “game day” training under the guidance of some of the most successful athletes to ever come out of the San Joaquin Valley. Our goal is to turn young men and women into not only the best athletes they can be, but also the best citizens they can be. We take pride in seeing our trained athletes land in the colleges of their choice, but we take even more pride in watching their success beyond the athletic field as they return to their communities and give back.


What We Do: Our training methods borrow from old and new techniques. It is not unusual for our athletes to cut their body fat by ten percentage points while gaining significant muscle, shave three- tenths of a second off their 40-yard times and add more than 100 pounds to their total power lifts.We accomplish this by making the workouts incredibly intense but also fun and gratifying. All the while, we teach our young athletes about the importance of diet, homework and the right mental framework for success on and off the field. We have set ourselves apart from other training facilities by tracking the academic progress of our high school athletes. In addition, through an extensive nationwide network, we have the ability to contact top recruiting scouts and sports writers and enter our athletes into showcase events, creating national exposure to top college programs.


Travon Jones, Founder of T1 Sports Academy


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